Evertson Hill


Evertson Hill in constructionInnovation and Design

In the innovation and design process, this home distinguishes itself from other homes that label themselves as "green."

This LEED category emphasizes durability, which is an area where we believe our home is much ahead of the boxy, modular models that are getting much publicity as "green." Durability matters because a long life-cycle home will generally use less resources than a home that lasts for fewer years -- because the construction and demolition process are so material-inefficient.

This home is designed and built to last, both on the level of using an architectural style which is likely to be as appealing in the future as it is today, and on the level of using the best possible building techniques. In addition, the interior spaces and mechanical systems have contemplated possible future adaptations so that renovations are less costly and wasteful of materials.

In addition, this LEED category focuses on "innovations" and our home has a number in the area of making construction more efficient and less wasteful. Specifically. the exterior walls, many of the interior walls, the floor systems and roof system were all fabricated off-site, which reduced wasted materials and reduced transportation effects on the environment. The above photo shows the assembly of those components after 3.5 days of work by a 10 man crew. In contrast, in normal "stick building" there would have been huge waste as each stud was cut to size, with substantially more transportation involved.

Similarly, other major components were fabricated offsite, and component packages such as all the exterior trim components were "packaged" together offsite so that material and transportation waste were minimized.

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